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TwinCAT 3 released!
Date : 2011-12-28

Following the successfully completed beta phase, TwinCAT 3 – the new software generation for PC-based control technology –is released at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2011. Around 100 customers from various branches of industry have successfully tested TwinCAT 3 in projects and are convinced by the new features in the engineering and in the run-time.

Decisive reasons for the use of TwinCAT 3 were not only the simplified engineering, but also the new languages and language options, such as the object orientation of IEC 61131, C/C++ and Matlab®/Simulink® for real-time applications. The embedding in Microsoft Visual Studio® was regarded as very positive for enabling efficient software engineering.

The TwinCAT 3 run-time with multi-core support leads to a considerable increase in performance. In this run-time, modules written in the different languages are executed cooperatively with one another and can communicate with one another. Beckhoff’s control philosophy of implementing as much functionality as possible in software on the PC reaches a new dimension with TwinCAT 3.

The TwinCAT 3 version is released at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2011. Delivery is expected for early 2012.

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